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Your guide to taking control on your Journey to Parenthood and Beyond!

Introducing the Journey to Parenthood and Beyond Audio Program

This five-part audio program delves into recent and remarkable scientific findings on the topic of overcoming infertility naturally. By applying principles of biology, sociology, psychology, and multivariate statistics this program demystifies unexpected pregnancies by examining commonalities and unearthing strategies that empower potential parents to put an end to the struggle.

What you will learn:

  • An in-depth glimpse into the scientific findings on the topic of overcoming infertility naturally
  • Hear stories and quotes from couples who overcame infertility in their own voice
  • Understand the key shifts and statistical patterns that explain how couples overcame the struggle
  • Learn strategies and tools to embrace trust and grow on your journey to parenthood
  • Over 7 hours of exclusive research from this multi-year study

Free video containing audio samples from the program

5 Key Parts to the Journey to Parenthood and Beyond

Part 1: Introduction

You'll learn how founders Marc and Dr. Kate approached their research, the goals of the overall program, and how you can optimize these findings to reach your desired result: parenthood. 

Listening Time:  39 minutes

Part 2: Conception of Doubt

Find out how doubt comes to be, how it can easily become all consuming, and ultimately drive behavior and dictate the choices we make, relegating couples to the passenger seat as they struggle to become parents. 

Listening Time:  2 hours and 44 minutes

Part 3: Patience to Patient

Look into what leads couples to lose patience and move into the patient role. Learn about the impact of what getting a “label” and/or “diagnosis” can do as you seek out answers and look for the fix. This portion of the program takes a deep look at the effect and role of treatment and how couples can cope during this challenging time. 

Listening Time:  2 hours and 8 minutes

Part 4: Surrender to Life

Examine what causes couples like you to reach their tipping point when they can’t continue on their current path. This change often brings an unexpected result, allowing you to reach back into life, achieving a level of awareness and renewal that dramatically alters the journey to parenthood and beyond. 

Listening Time:  2 hours

Part 5: Organic Guidance Tools and Strategies

The conculsion to the program, is a high-level synthesis that translates each chapter into an actionable set of tools and recommendations that provide a path onward and upward toward your ultimate goal.

Listening Time:  29 minutes

Just Arrived - Audio CD Box Set!

Audio CD Box Set or Stream On-Line 


The Journey to Parenthood can be purchased as a CD Box Set or Streaming On-Line. Choose which option best meets your listening preference and budget!

Complete CD Box Set

The CD Box set includes a professional CD case containing 11 Audio CD's that make up the 5 Part Program, an Organic Conceptions writing journal, and pen. 

Writing Journal

Throughout the program there are journaling “exercises" designed to help couples reflect upon their journey to expose greater insights about their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Take a Step Toward Progress....

The Journey to Parenthood and Beyond can be your key to progressing toward parenthood. Reclaim control of your journey by purchasing the program today!

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